The Three Sisters Series

I am enjoying the use of bold shapes and colors to define the essence of the scene, and the connections between the images. Do the shapes draw your eyes in? Do the colors reveal something about themselves? Do they reveal something about you? Do they evoke emotion?

Three Sisters


A few years ago, my sister and I traveled through some National And State Parks. One of those parks was called Coral Dunes. We traveled several hours to go there, even crossing state lines. It wasn’t a very large park in comparison to others, but i loved the crisp clean dunes of coral sands as they rolled across the landscape. Sharing this experience with my sister made it extra special and one I will never forget.
This was my inspiration.

The Path of Three Sisters



Cats on cards

As an artist, I have this constant need to draw. I love painting, and I wanted to try new challenges and mediums. I did quite a few greeting cards and post cards in order to keep doing little creative projects. I like the idea of scaling down in size, so that I can scale up in quantity, without sacrificing quality.



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Milo. >^..^<


This is a mixed media piece, using tissue paper, cord, acrylic and metallic paints. I like the idea of imagining the unimaginable. That is what my HummingCat is. She could be trapped inside the perceived cage, behind bars, unable to control her surroundings; or she could be on the outside looking in, longing for the safety and security of what the viewer can only imagine.
What story do you tell?


Phil 8/29

This is Phil. I’ve known Phil for a better part of my life, although I’ve only seen him a few times during that time period. I actually can’t even remember when I saw him last, maybe at his parent’s house, maybe with one of his brothers. Either way, it’s really his brother Tim who is my good friend since the early 70’s, and as a result, I’ve met and loved the whole family. Facebook has re-connected me to old friends, which makes me very happy. My travels have taken me back and forth across the United States, and as a result, I’ve lost touch with people. Facebook sure has made a difference in my life!
What has made a difference in your life? Have you connected with old friends, old hobbies, old stomping grounds? Can you pursue the change you need to make connections? Will change make your life better? Different? Inspired? Can change inspire you to re-connect with yourself?
Try something new! Enact change in your life!
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Today is Krishna’s Birthday!

Today in the USA, it is Krishna’s birthday. I think it only fitting that I celebrate by posting my painting in honor of his birth.
I have long been fascinated by religious iconography of all types and from all ages. As I was doing this painting, I read many interesting articles about Krishna, giving me a deeper connection to my painting, as well as a deeper spiritual connection to the divine within myself. I love the fascinating symbology of the colors and forms, the richness of the history, and connection to my inner self that emerges.
I urge you, not to just enjoy my painting, but research Krishna for yourself and bask in the beauty of knowledge about him and the traditions that followed.
Thanks for looking at my art.