Phil 8/29

This is Phil. I’ve known Phil for a better part of my life, although I’ve only seen him a few times during that time period. I actually can’t even remember when I saw him last, maybe at his parent’s house, maybe with one of his brothers. Either way, it’s really his brother Tim who is my good friend since the early 70’s, and as a result, I’ve met and loved the whole family. Facebook has re-connected me to old friends, which makes me very happy. My travels have taken me back and forth across the United States, and as a result, I’ve lost touch with people. Facebook sure has made a difference in my life!
What has made a difference in your life? Have you connected with old friends, old hobbies, old stomping grounds? Can you pursue the change you need to make connections? Will change make your life better? Different? Inspired? Can change inspire you to re-connect with yourself?
Try something new! Enact change in your life!
Thanks for looking at my art! Please come back again!