My Art Projects for 2013

January I set a goal to paint 100 paintings in 2013
February I discovered 29Faces and joined
The artists of 29Faces decided to expand our connections and we created Face In The World
We got so excited about sharing art projects, we created groups to create Exquisite Corpse drawings
Some members of our groups wanted no restrictions and formed No Holds Barred (NHB) where we created Exquisite Corpse drawings with no restrictions
International Artists collaborated to create the International Collaboration on Fabric Project
29Faces expanded to June to include 29MaleFaces
Face In The World went around again and then again
I collaborated with a small group of International artists for a triple Face In the World
Encouraged by other artists, I joined Nibblefest Art Contest on eBay.
29Faces began again in September
I joined Janes40Portraits group
Decided to fill a book with selfies, did one first thing every morning for 50 days
Reached painting 100 total paintings in acrylic on canvas (since I began painting in July 2012)
Started painting with watercolors.
Reached 100 acrylic paintings (124 total for 2013) on canvas

124 acrylic Paintings
25 watercolors
190 portraits
50 selfies
8 collaboration projects with 36 other artists from around the world

NHB members have never met. We live in Australia, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, and United States. We know each other through our art, and our collaborations. Our members are:

Audrey Breed, Tennessee USA. Elaine Vernon Art

Selva Briceno Casas

Milo Wylde Chin, California, USA. Milo’s Art

Tammy Gulat Art, Ohio, USA. Tammy Gulat Art

Ilona Heimbockel, Germany. Ilona’s Art

Vicky Knowles, New Jersey, USA

Lizzy Love, Ontario, Canada. OddBall Art

Gina Morley, England, UK

Malissa Priebe

Joy Redington, Oregon, USA

Sandra Sherman, Queensland, Australia

Penny Stewart, California, USA

Manon Visser, England, UK. Manon Popjes

Lydia Puente Harris, Lydia’s Blog

Each one of us has a unique and wonderful array of talents and experiences. Together we have found a connection that is like roots spreading through the soul of our art; supporting, encouraging, and delighting in our mutual pursuits.

One of the most interesting things for me, is my connection to social media and how it influences my work, my knowledge, and my growth as an artist. The people I’ve encountered, without ever having met them face to face, influence and inspire me every day. I get to share my ideas and the steps of my journey with these wonderful artists, as well as with my friends and my family as a result of social media sites such as this one, Facebook, twitter, and other blogs. I am grateful for the connections I continue to make.

For your viewing, here are a few examples of my work this year.
As always, thanks for visiting and looking at my art. I hope you will visit again soon.
Milo >^..^<












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