The Three Sisters continue

As I traveled across the southwestern states between home and Texas, I was inspired by the landscapes of desert and mountains, and could not wait to get back home and paint. The colors and patterns of the indigenous peoples’ art was beautiful and gave my creative self a deeper connection to my surroundings. I could see how the artists used the fabric of Mother Nature for inspiration. I too was inspired.





Three Sisters


I really enjoyed painting this painting in bits and pieces of time between things to do. The only thing I knew for sure when I began was the theme of the three sisters. This painting emerged.
Thank you for looking at my art.

The Three Sisters Series

I am enjoying the use of bold shapes and colors to define the essence of the scene, and the connections between the images. Do the shapes draw your eyes in? Do the colors reveal something about themselves? Do they reveal something about you? Do they evoke emotion?

Three Sisters


A few years ago, my sister and I traveled through some National And State Parks. One of those parks was called Coral Dunes. We traveled several hours to go there, even crossing state lines. It wasn’t a very large park in comparison to others, but i loved the crisp clean dunes of coral sands as they rolled across the landscape. Sharing this experience with my sister made it extra special and one I will never forget.
This was my inspiration.

The Path of Three Sisters


The Horse



This painting, The Horse, is my effort to utilize a looser style of painting. I wanted to gain to same depth and range with an efficiency of strokes. Did I accomplish this?

The Witching Hour

The witching hour has arrived
and you
lured by her sweet
have stepped into her whirling
cone of power and
have opened your eyes
to your own magic.
Embracing yourself
and your magical
connection to the universe
the moon and stars
flow like a river
from your fingertips.